What is GradADVANTAGE™?

GradADVANTAGE™ is a background check which provides a 7-year criminal history check, as well as verifying education and employment/volunteer experience on the graduate’s resume. The graduate’s resume is verified, thus saving potential employers time and money. The background results are immediately available to any authorized potential employer through a secure website.

Who is GradADVANTAGE™ for?

GradADVANTAGE™ is designed to work with educational institutions, for the students that attend, to give students the advantage needed in today’s job market.

How long does it take to receive the results from GradADVANTAGE™?

GradADVANTAGE™ – a service of Application Researchers® – has an average 3-business day turnaround time on all our background checks. Having an up-to-date resume and correct reference contact information can expedite the requests.


Who do I contact if I have a question?

Call us:

Toll Free: [800] 865-5272

Email us:

Customer Service: results@applicationresearchers.com

Technical Questions: support@applicationresearchers.com

General: info@applicationresearchers.com

How can my background check report be viewed?

Once you receive your unique code, click here.

How do I order my background check?

To order your GradADVANTAGE™ click here.

How much does GradADVANTAGE™ cost?

The cost of the GradADVANTAGE™ package is $44.00 and includes a criminal history search from the county court systems in real-time, education confirmation, experiential verification (includes employment and volunteer roles), and ZipALERT+ (national criminal and address database).

The student may also opt out of some of the services listed above to reduce the cost.

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You will receive an email with your unique code when your background check has been completed.


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