Is GradADVANTAGE™ only for people looking for a job?

Maybe starting your career is not the first path you choose right after college. Maybe in order to get to your chosen career path you have to complete a graduate program first. How does this look for you? Do you know what is required of this process?

Most students planning to attend a graduate program do not realize that many curricula require a background check before acceptance. Each graduate program has a different protocol, in which they process admission; but a background check is required for most programs.

If you are in this position, then you need GradADVANTAGE™!

With GradADVANTAGE™, you will receive an affordable, 100% guarantee on your verified background check, which you will have the ability to share with any graduate program requesting this information. A “GradADVANTAGE™ Seal” is placed on your resume, indicating your background check was completed and can be easily accessed at any time. The background results are available to any authorized potential graduate program through a secure website; and all they will need is the code from the “GradADVANTAGE™ Seal”, which you have supplied to them.

The process to order a background is so easy, with results typically within 3 days. Get the advantage and order your background check today!


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Nearly 1-in-4 human resources managers say they receive more than 75 resumes for each open position; and 42% receive more than 50 resumes.

When applying for a new job, applicants are often wondering how to make their resume stand out among the 50 or 75 resumes ahead of them. There is only so much “fluff” one can put on a resume before it is too much.

Look no further, applicants, because GradADVANTAGE™ is the solution to this problem!

GradADVANTAGE™ can give applicants the edge they need-increasing resume views, while providing peace of mind to their potential employer. By verifying an applicant’s education and employment, as well as researching any related criminal records BEFORE applying for a job, the applicant will know what to expect on their background check and have time to handle any discrepancies that a potential employer would discover. This gives applicants an advantage during the hiring process and helps move their resume to the top.

Applicants will find that employers will be very appreciative of this extra effort taken prior to the application process. By verifying a resume through GradADVANTAGE™, applicants are proving to potential employers that they are willing to take additional steps to get the positions for which they are applying.