The GradADVANTAGE™ background check is a perfect “added bonus” for your graduates entering the workforce.

Nearly 1-in-4 human resources managers say they receive more than 75 resumes for each open position; and 42% receive more than 50 resumes.

A school’s career placement rate can be a factor in choosing a school.

Many students enroll in a program, intent on landing a new job after graduation. Finding the right program and school can be a tough decision for both students and parents.

GradADVANTAGE™ offers your students and your university an advantage with employers.

Employers are bombarded with resumes, and your students will have an edge on the competition. With GradADVANTAGE™, employers know instantly that a background check has been completed; and the information on their resume has been verified. This saves the employer time and money.

The GradADVANTAGE™ background check is a perfect “added bonus” for your graduates entering the workforce. 

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GradADVANTAGE™ makes the student’s resume stand out! 

GradADVANTAGE™ is a tool for new graduates, who are entering the workforce, to gain the upper hand while job searching.

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